Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iHub Politics Pro Android - Political News, Blogs & Tweets


After months of development, the finishing touches on iHub Politics Pro for Android has been published to the Android Market.  We've partnered with AppBunches to distribute our Android line of iHub Internet Information Centers.

Check out the sexy snapshots below.

For the price of a cheap cup of coffee, you can have the world of U.S. politics in your hands.  News, Blogs, Tweets of all the top political movers and shakers.  Stay on top of whats going on in your country.

Order iHub Politics Pro for Android today !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

iHub - Coming to an Android Store Near You

We've successfully ported our internet information hub engine to Java and the Android platform !! First delivery of iHub Politics to the Android Market draws near. Android applications will be distributed by our partner - AppBunches.

Cloud-based, more than a hundred carefully selected channels including News Headlines, Blogs & Tweets all in one convenient mobile app for the low price of a cup of coffee (Java?)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hubs Outages....In The Clouds - UPDATED

Due to file hosting changes at our web hosting provider - all of our http related resources were rendered useless and caused an outage of several days to our iHub line of products :(

The team furiously updated the code base to fully utilize "The Cloud" by Amazon and we're sending out updates to our entire product line to Apple for approval.

We'll keep you posted. We apologize for any inconvenience - and be on the lookout for updates to the following products.

Space buffs - be on the lookout from the initial offering of our science series - iHubSpace.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

iHub - Space - Coming to a Galaxy Near You

The iHub team is putting the polish on iHubSpace - the Final Frontier of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Space content delivered straight to your iPhone and iPod Touch..

Get updates from NASA missions, European Space Administration (ESA), Astronomy media publishers & Astrophysics Journals.

The latest space news and great space blogs from The Planetary Society, Discover & NewScientist magazines. Also, follow astrophysicists such as Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson along with NASA astronauts and space movers and shakers in the Twittersphere.

Coming soon -- to a galaxy (i.e. iTunes) near you :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

iHub - Politics - PRO - Now Available on iTunes

iHubPoliticsPRO is now available for sale on iTunes. Our best iHub so far, we've replaced the shopping category with a twitter feed type (along with Top headlines and Top Blogs).

Content channels were categorized across the entire political spectrum with subtopics ranging from Liberal to Conservative and Democrat to Republican.

This iHub has literally hundreds of content channels and testing this guy was extremely interesting (especially during the Health care debates).

We hope you enjoy it - get your copy today - and let us know what you think.

iHubLife website - Politics iHub
iTunes iHubPolitics Download

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Frustrations, Rejections, Perseverence & Tweets

We've been rejected by Apple for our sports-based information centers. SEVERAL TIMES !! We've made suitable adjustments each time but the sports-based information centers keep getting rejected..... don't worry.... we're not stopping.

We've been polishing our Politics based information center over the last several weeks. One final smoke QA test and it should be ready for submission. Look out for this one .... this is the first application on the PRO version of the iHub platform which adds top ranked Twitter feed channels along with News Headlines & Top Blogs.

We're keeping the faith ... we're currently building iPad optimized view controllers for iPad specific versions of our PRO line of iHubs -- coming soon.

Bigger, Stronger & Better .... now only if Apple can get into an Approval state of mind.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apples, Cookie Cutters and RSS Generators

So I was browsing some tech news headlines using iHubTech on my iPod Touch (of course).... and I came across this headline from TechCrunch - Apple's New Stance on 'Cookie Cutter" Apps : Add More Features Or Perish.

Seems like Apple is trying to filter out the bottom feeder applications that are created around a common template / core and customized into 100 different applications. RSS based applications are notorious for this crap - they'll provide a simple feed reading capability and a couple of feeds and create dozens of apps this way. Some programs actually provided round-trip engineering where you provide it an RSS feed and it will automatically CREATE the iPhone application for you based on that feed.

We actually created our iHub line of applications for iPhone / iPod Touch to compete against these simplistic RSS readers. From the beginning we were determined to create INTERNET INFORMATION CENTERS - central hubs composed of hundreds of feeds per each topic application. To fulfill this need we created a suite of tools to aggregate, organize, combine, randomize, rank and constantly refresh internet content from news, blogs, podcasts and forums on our own servers.... providing the user with only the TOP headlines from the TOP content providers from ALL over the internet.

I'm actually content (excuse the pun) with Apple's decision to clamp down on some of the low quality RSS based reader applications out there.... I just hope they take the time to correctly distinguish the heros from the zeros.