Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iHub Politics Pro Android - Political News, Blogs & Tweets


After months of development, the finishing touches on iHub Politics Pro for Android has been published to the Android Market.  We've partnered with AppBunches to distribute our Android line of iHub Internet Information Centers.

Check out the sexy snapshots below.

For the price of a cheap cup of coffee, you can have the world of U.S. politics in your hands.  News, Blogs, Tweets of all the top political movers and shakers.  Stay on top of whats going on in your country.

Order iHub Politics Pro for Android today !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

iHub - Coming to an Android Store Near You

We've successfully ported our internet information hub engine to Java and the Android platform !! First delivery of iHub Politics to the Android Market draws near. Android applications will be distributed by our partner - AppBunches.

Cloud-based, more than a hundred carefully selected channels including News Headlines, Blogs & Tweets all in one convenient mobile app for the low price of a cup of coffee (Java?)