Sunday, April 19, 2009

iPhone App Submission - iHubHealth 1.0

Well... it took us a little longer then we anticipated but working on a software project with a distributed team effort can be difficult. The team invested loads of personal time, work time and a host of weekends and nights but we're finally done. We're pretty proud of our application - iHubHealth 1.0
and we just submitted the application to Apple... here's hoping on a seamless (and quick) release to the application store.

This application was more difficult than others because the content we had the team gather had to be vetted, organized, ranked, checked and rechecked over and over again. This is much easier said than done especially when you're dealing with dozens of blogs and hundreds of news channels. Blogs are real tricky... lots of good blogs that are stale or dead and lots of bad blogs that get updated daily. Your content people really have to take their time to read the blogs to make sure there not just commercial fronts with fluff content.

Along with the normal complexity of XML-based software development and Objective-C it became somewhat of a bear of a project. Anyway... the 80 hour weeks are over and we hope people enjoy the result.

We have an entire suite of these apps in the pipeline... we have most of the administrative applications complete and we have the entire server-side infrastructure complete too. We just need to write some web based UIs on to help administer and maintain the channels which we can push with dynamic updates to the devices.

Look for new titles every couple of weeks. Keep checking the blog for updates.