Monday, September 21, 2009

iHubSportsNFL - Submitted - NFL Football Time !!!

I love the Fall season especially in the Northeast. Weather changes , wonderful cool breezes, leaves change color and most importantly


WHEW!! -- Busy summer, we released several updates to our current iHubTech & iHubHealth products but we're a little late on this one - the initial offering from our iHubSports line - iHubSportsNFL. We've just submitted over the weekend and we should be approved no later than week 4 of the season. No better way to keep up to date with all the breaking news & blogs from across all the NFL !!

We decided to organize the subtopics by NFL divisions and we added a new keyword label to each article listing - to help the user determine if the feed is relevant to their favorite team and/or division.

We've added a couple of new features to the line. First feature is a One-Click access to the NFL scoreboard (by tapping the logo on the News and/or Blogs screen). Instead of implementing a custom scoreboard capability which may experience a lag time - we decided to implement this by simply loading up the ESPN mobile NFL scoreboard - specifically formatted for the iPhone with a single click of the logo.

We've also added a Twitter client capability - allowing the user to Tweet the current article to his/her Twitter account.